4 Ways that Small Businesses Can Benefit from a Portable Backup Power Generator

4 Ways that Small Businesses Can Benefit from a Portable Backup Power Generator

Have you considered purchasing a portable backup power generator like The Bank from Univix for your small business? Electrical service interruptions are a common issue for small business owners across the United States.  Power outages can cause numerous issues for small businesses, including lost revenue and damage to your company’s image.

These outages could be lengthy and costly. So, how do you protect your small business in the event of a power outage?

Businesses that use backup power generators often don’t even notice when power outages occur in their area. Portable backup generators like The Bank can start working nearly immediately when any interruption to your primary energy source occurs.

Need more reasons to invest in a reliable business backup energy source? Continue reading as we explore all the ways that your small business could benefit from a backup power generator.

1). As an Emergency Backup Energy Source

Portable backup generators provide reliable, efficient, and affordable backup energy for small businesses across the United States.

Power outages can shut small businesses down for days, or even weeks, depending on the severity of the outage. There are numerous issues that can result from business electrical failure if you do not have a reliable emergency backup energy source.

Power outages can be costly financially and could result in numerous issues with clients and employees.

Backup generators can provide your business with a reliable source of energy during a power outage. These compact appliances can provide enough energy for numerous electricity-powered systems, including, lighting, heating, and cooling units, computers, tools, and more. etc.

Univix backup generators kick in nearly instantly in the event of a power outage to allow your business to continue operations as normal.

2). On-the-Go Power for Expos, Business Conferences, or Anywhere You Need Backup Energy

One of the best features of portable generators is their impressive mobility. Portable backup power generators aren’t limited to use on your commercial property and can be used anywhere that your business travels take you.

Many business events charge excessive fees for electricity and have a limited number of hookups available. A portable backup generator could allow business owners to save money on fees and provide peace of mind through reliable energy.

Bring portable backup generators to conferences, exhibitions, or other business events. Always check with event management to confirm that bring your own electrical source is permitted before transporting your backup generator.

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3). Green Energy Promotes a Positive Brand Image

Americans are becoming increasingly more concerned about climate change and the effects that humans have on the environment. Consumers want to invest in brands that are committed to reducing their impact on the environment.

Modern back generators are compatible with alternative energy sources and more efficient than ever before. can be charged through the electrical grid, solar energy, or other alternative energy sources. These generators are significantly safer than previous models, for both humans and the environment.

You can also invest in solar energy panels or a small wind turbine that is compatible with your business backup generator. Either of these alternative energy sources would shed a positive light on your brand image.

4). Savings on Business Energy Costs

Investing in a solar backup generator can help business owners save money on commercial energy costs.   Univix portable backup generators are compatible with several sources of alternative energy, including wind and solar energy.

Business Chooses Univix Backup Generators for Backup Power

Univix backup generators are equipped with a carbon battery that is safer for your family and for the environment. These portable compact generators can be recharged using the electrical grid or an alternative energy source.

Univix backup generators are equipped with a solar controller that allows you to easily connect them with your business solar panel system for maximum efficiency.

Reach out to Univix today for more information about how energy backup energy could benefit your business.