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Why Partner with Univix?

Highest Partner Incentives

We offer some of the best incentives for our partners, while still keeping costs down. 

Easiest System To Install

We provide some of the easiest to install products on the market, saving both you and your customers time. 

In Stock and Ready To Ship

We have product in stock and ready to ship, whenever you need it. Our manufacturing is done in New Hampshire USA, allowing us to ship faster and cheaper than competitors. 

100% Recyclable and Stable Battery System

No rare earth minerals, fire, or explosion risk.

Lowest Cost Energy Storage On The Market

We offer the lowest cost energy storage on the market without sacrificing quality or performance.

Custom Solutions for Residential and Commercial

From single phase to three phase, tiny home to megawatt class, we can do it all.  

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    At Univix Power Solutions, we have created the most powerful portable solar generator on the market, for half the cost of most competitors. With a design made to please your consumers, while also saving time for your installers, you can be sure that this home battery backup solution will solve everybody’s needs. 

    We make it easy to do solar, so that you spend more time doing business, and less time soothing headaches. 

    The Bank's Unique Features That You and Your Customers Will Love

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    Powered Wheeled Chassis

    Our Bank sits on a powered wheeled chassis. This provides a level of mobility that allows installers to save time, and energy.

    Kid, Pet, and Accident safe

    The chassis provides no entry points, even to the smallest fingers. No shocks, or burns can come from poking around. It also has a key switch to disable the power drive, so no joy rides can be taken.

    Ease of Use

    Our products are designed to be completely intuitive and user friendly. Programing and installation can be mastered in minutes.

    Universal Design

    Our Inverters are designed to be used in any situation. From using industry standard connections, to simple presets for any battery type, we make sure our products are easy to adapt to any install in the field. 

    Full Custom Solutions

    Univix isn’t a one trick pony. We have engineers that spent years in the field installing solar. They can help design any solution your customer needs, saving you the headache. Our team has done anything from tiny homes, to mega watt class.


    We can do a range from single phase 1.5kw to three phase 250kw inverters. Our batteries range from 250ah to 2000ah systems. Options from 2v, 6v, or 12v cells. 


    Projects ranging from small residential to large commercial, we can get power wherever, whenever, reliably and safely. 

    The Sky Is The Limit

    We've Got Your Back

    Training and Support

    We can train in person, or train over zoom, our training is flexible to your needs. For other training, we provide an online, super simple, and short training video series that can catch new employees up to speed quickly. If all else fails, our engineers can be directly contacted from the field to help with any situation. 

    Passive Leads for Business

    We get calls directly from customers all the time. Our sales team will take down their information and needs, before handing them off to you. This makes an easy sale for our installers. 


    We target your service area. With combined marketing, you have more resources to reach customers that could use your help. 

    Stress Free Partnership

    A partnership with Univix requires no minimums, no fees, and no hassle. Signing up is easy, and working with our team is even easier. Look forward to real employees on the phone, knowledgeable support and engineers, and clear communication where you need it. Genuine people, here to help.  

    Stable, Sealed, Maintenance free, and 100% Recyclable Batteries


    All of our batteries are Carbon Batteries. Lithium batteries solved many drawbacks to AGM batteries, allowing no sulfur buildup, more cycles, and better depth of discharge. However, Lithium batteries are high cost, instable, and have a serious impact on the environment. 

    Our batteries are an AGM style battery, but with Carbon composite plates instead of lead. The Carbon plates work as a non-stick pan to sulfur. The result is a sealed, maintenance free battery that lasts 10-20+ years, without costing more than a traditional AGM. It is stable, 100% recyclable, and low impact to the environment to produce. 

    Are your customers worried about cost? Safety? Does your state have a lithium law preventing battery sales? Carbon batteries are the solution. 

    Proud to Be in the USA

    We are proud to be an American company. Our manufacturing is done in New Hampshire. This means if you also reside with us here in the states, shipping time and costs are low. We have product ready to ship for when you need it. Anytime you call us, you’ll be speaking to someone in our New Hampshire facility. We are a solutions company, let us solve your needs. 

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