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Carbon Battery Technology

A Powerful, Safe, and Environmentally Friendly Energy Storage

What is Carbon Technology?

Our Carbon Battery Technology is an AGM style battery that utilizes carbon in place of lead or zinc for both the plates and the electrolyte.

An inherent problem with most battery technologies is sulfur build-up, which lowers capacity and shortens battery life. Lithium batteries solved this issue, but created other issues like high cost, instability, fire risk, and negative environmental impact.  

By using carbon in place of lead or zinc, we create a surface that sulfur cannot stick to. The result is a maintenance free battery that lasts 10+ years, without costing more than a traditional battery. It is also stable, 100% recyclable, and low impact to the environment to produce.

Univix Carbon Battery

How Carbon Batteries Will Benefit You

Carbon batteries can be used in small backup applications such as a single well pump, or scaled to larger needs, like full off-grid living. From 2v to 12v cells, we have a battery for any need. 

Carbon batteries are a stable, long lasting, maintenance free battery. You can set them and forget them, and breathe easy knowing your system will be reliably and safely providing power for years to come.

Even though carbon boasts many benefits, you won’t need to empty your wallet. Carbon batteries cost around the same as a traditional AGM, which is around half the cost of Lithium. 

See below how carbon batteries compare to other common energy storage battery types.


Carbon Compared to Other Technologies

Lead Acid battery

Lead Acid

  • Very Inexpensive
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Reliable
  • Unstable
  • Maintenance
  • Low Cycle Life
  • Bad Depth of Discharge
  • Low Energy Density
  • Heavy Weight
  • Vent Gas
Univix Carbon Battery

Univix Carbon

  • Inexpensive
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Reliable
  • Stable
  • No Maintenance
  • High Cycle Life
  • High Depth of Discharge
  • Good Energy Density
  • Heavy Weight

Lithium (LiFePO4)

  • No Maintenance
  • High Cycle Life
  • High Depth of Discharge
  • Great Energy Density
  • Very High Cost
  • Thermal Runaway Risk
  • Harmful to Environment
  • Expensive to Recycle
  • Cascade Failure

Our Carbon Battery Solutions


12v 250ah Battery

Our 12v 250ah cell is an extremely universal battery that has been used in a very wide range of applications. From simple home backup, to mobile construction site power, we have seen it all. 

48v 1000ah Array

Our 48v 100ah array is a popular choice for off-grid homes, or other backups that require a large reliable backup solution. This system can take your home completely off-grid, while still being affordable. 


48v 2000ah Array

Our 48v 2000ah system provides the next level of energy storage. Popular for oversized off-grid applications, or commercial backup. This system can store some serious power. 

Keep the Necessities Powered Up with Univix Solar Inverters

Our Carbon Batteries are used for Emergency Backup everywhere, running things like:

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Vital Electronics

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Medical Equipment

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Security System

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Well Pump

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And More…

Carbon Battery FAQs

Yes, all of our batteries are UL, CE, and CSA approved. 

Carbon Batteries do not require a BMS. Our batteries can be charged from any source, including a car battery charger. 

We offer a 10 year limited warranty on our batteries.

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