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Custom Energy Solutions for Business

 Univix is a powerful, on-demand backup power source for your business at an affordable price.  Whether you own a brick-and-mortar physical business location or require energy for on-the-go contracting jobs, The Bank is your best energy solution.

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The Bank is Your Business' Best Choice for Custom Business Energy Solutions

Temporary power and ongoing power is an essential need for many industries.  

The ability to generate power that is dependable with a backup power source tailored to the needs of your business and industry is essential.

The Bank is a fantastic business backup power generator which helps many businesses maintain a constant source of energy.  Hybrid inverters by Univix are also helpful, depending upon the power needs of your business.  But many businesses are looking for a custom solution, designed for their particular business characteristics.  Univix will help create the perfect solution for your business. Did you know that Univix is a leader in custom business energy solutions?

Give us a call and see how we can help! 

Univix energy experts will work with you for a power solution custom designed for your company needs.  Ask about our past projects and how we custom designed systems that functioned above and beyond even client expectations. 

Business Energy Solutions Univix Can Provide

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Powerful Carbon Battery Generator for Business Backup Power

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Solar Generator Means a Green Business Energy Solution

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Reliable Business Battery Backup Power On Demand

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Portable Power Generator Means Mobile Business Energy Source with Wheels

Businesses Can't Afford to Own an Office Without A Powerful Backup Energy Source

Do you own an office?  Do you realize what it could cost you to be without energy for even a short time?  Lighting, desktop computers and tables, cell phones and landlines, electronic screens–all require a constant and dependable source of energy. 

Having a battery backup system that is environmentally responsible and can power your office energy needs in the event of an outage is not a luxury.  It is a critical need for a business that could lose thousands for even a few hours without power.

The Bank by Univix was created with business needs in mind, as a backup business energy solution that will work in all circumstances.  Backup batteries that companies have traditionally used that depend upon the electrical grid or petroleum are either useless or loud, dirty and costly in the event of an outage that could affect your business. Your business needs a on-demand power source. The Bank is self-powered and can be integrated with any other energy source available.  You just set it up and leave it alone. 

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The Bank Provides Mobile Backup Energy On Demand

The Bank is not an “outdoor” solar power generator; it is not designed to be in severe weather conditions or be resilient to outdoor conditions like the dust and grit of a construction site.   The Bank by Univix can provide backup power and performance for mobile jobs that may be exactly what you are looking for.  If you need power for tools, computers and other tools of your trade which you can use on indoor jobs, The Bank can provide the ideal solution.  Have a powerful, self-driving backup energy system may be exactly what you need.  Reach out today to see whether The Bank is the fit for your business.  Univix may work with you to design a solution that you may never have imagined! 

Attention to the Film Industry: The Bank is a Quiet Energy Solution to Consider

Temporary, standby, and emergency power are critical to the film industry.  Often, power is an issue on indoor film shoots and on location production if you don’t have access to the power grid or need a power supply in the event of an emergency.

Rental generators are a temporary solution for the film industry needing to charge camera equipment, phones, computers, secondary charger sytems, sounds systems and more.  The Bank can provide backup standby power.  Wonky generators should become a thing of the past. 

Consider a portable, powerful and quiet backup energy source like The Bank by Univix, and stop spending valuable resources renting temporary solutions.   

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For Trade Shows and Business Events, the Bank is a Smart Business Investment

Temporary, standby, and emergency power are critical if you don’t have access to the power grid or need a power supply in the event of an emergency.  If you are a trade show or business events and losing power would be a disaster, The Bank is worth considering.

 Waiting on a utility company to install power lines when there is an outage is not an option for many Americans.  But standby power, when necessary, is best offered by a portable, powerful backup energy source like The Bank by Univix, not spending resources renting temporary solutions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bank is a revolutionary business battery backup that stores energy for on-demand use. When your business loses power, our unit restores electricity in under 20 milliseconds. With enough battery storage to keep your business running for over 24 hours, you’ll never notice an outage. The Bank can charge with grid power, but is also compatible with solar and other alternative energy sources, allowing for efficient green power. Our fail safe whole business battery backup keeps the power running and all the tools of business charged where an ongoing power source is not available or during an outage.

With the ability to seamlessly integrate with solar, The Bank will allow you to access reliable energy when a constant energy flow or source is not available. Its powerful built-in solar charge controllers allow you to fulfill your business backup needs indefinitely with the power of solar! 

The Bank provides 24+ hours of backup energy storage.  

The Bank would function fine in an enclosed, clean space like inside a van, but it is not a solution for the harsh conditions of a construction site.  Call us as to helping you determine the best energy option for you!

Expense and reliability. Lower costs with the most dependable backup generator on the market. 

Yes, The Bank operates using solar energy.  It is the greenest of energy sources.  If needed The Bank can use other forms of power including grid power, but solar energy efficient is a built-in benefit of The Bank. 

Are You a Contractor, Solar Distributor or Other Business Energy Provider?

Contact us to find out more about our inverter and battery solutions that can seamlessly integrate into your current energy offerings.

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