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Custom Energy Solutions

 Univix creates powerful, on-demand backup power sources for your business at an affordable price.  Whether you own a brick-and-mortar physical business location or require energy for on-the-go contracting jobs, we can make what you need.

Fully Custom Business Solutions

Temporary or ongoing power is an essential need for many industries. At Univix we know not every situation can be solved with pre-made products. Our engineers can work with you to turn your idea into a reality. 


Whether you need temporary power on the move, or large scale commercial inverters, we have designed it all. Call or Email us today to learn what we can do for you and your business. 

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Powerful Inverters and Carbon Battery Technology

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Solar Compatibility Built In For Renewable Green Energy

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Reliable Power With No Downtime

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Portable Power Means Mobile Energy Source Anywhere

Don't Lose Money On Down Time with No Power

Do you own an office?  Do you know how much business you lose per hour without power?  Lighting, desktop computers and tables, cell phones and landlines, electronic screens–all require a constant and dependable source of energy. 

Having a battery backup system that can power your office energy needs in the event of an outage is not a luxury.  It is a critical need for a business that could lose thousands for even a few hours without power.

The Bank, an all-in-one energy storage solution, is a quick and easy solution for offices to keep their essential electronics running, and business moving. With under 20ms transfer times, your business won’t have a second of downtime. 

Need reliable power outside of The Bank’s capabilities? Contact us to see what we can design to fit your needs, and keep your business thriving. 

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The Bank Provides Mobile Backup Energy On Demand

The Bank by Univix can provide backup power and performance for mobile jobs. Need power for tools, computers, lighting, or other equipment? The Bank provides full 240v power on the go. With built in charge controllers, you can connect solar for renewable energy. 4 120v outlets and USB outlets allow you to quickly connect equipment you need on the go. Reach out today to see whether The Bank is the fit for your business. If you need power outside of these parameters, Univix can work with you to design a solution that you may never have imagined!

Attention to the Film Industry: The Bank is a Quiet Energy Solution to Consider

Temporary, standby, and emergency power are critical to the film industry.  Often, power is an issue on film shoots and on location production if you don’t have access to the power grid or need a power supply for equipment. 

Rental generators are a temporary solution for the film industry needing to run lights, camera equipment, phones, computers, secondary charger systems, sounds systems and more.  The Bank can provide backup standby power.  Sound guys worrying about generator noise is a thing of the past.

Consider a portable, powerful and quiet backup energy source like The Bank by Univix, and stop spending valuable resources renting temporary solutions.   

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For Trade Shows and Business Events, the Bank is a Smart Business Investment

Temporary, standby, and emergency power are critical if you don’t have access to the power grid or need a power supply at a trade show or business event. If you’d like to take control of your display, The Bank is worth considering.

Paying for power at an event and having issues with it can be detrimental to a trade show display. Invest in a Univix Bank to provide your display power wherever it goes, without having to rely on the venue you are booked at. Be sure you have exactly what you need at every event with The Bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bank is a revolutionary business battery backup that stores energy for on-demand use. When your business loses power, our unit restores electricity in under 20 milliseconds. With enough battery storage to keep your business running for over 24 hours, you’ll never notice an outage. The Bank can charge with grid power, but is also compatible with solar and other alternative energy sources, allowing for efficient green power. Our fail safe whole business battery backup keeps the power running and all the tools of business charged where an ongoing power source is not available or during an outage.

With the ability to seamlessly integrate with solar, The Bank will allow you to access reliable energy when a constant energy flow or source is not available. Its powerful built-in solar charge controllers allow you to fulfill your business backup needs indefinitely with the power of solar! 

The Bank provides 24+ hours of backup energy storage.  

The Bank would function fine in an enclosed, clean space like inside a van, but it is not a solution for the harsh conditions of a construction site.  Call us as to helping you determine the best energy option for you!

Expense and reliability. Lower costs with the most dependable backup generator on the market. 

Yes, The Bank operates using solar energy.  It is the greenest of energy sources.  If needed The Bank can use other forms of power including grid power, but solar energy efficient is a built-in benefit of The Bank. 

Are You a Contractor, Solar Distributor or Other Business Energy Provider?

Contact us to find out more about our inverter and battery solutions that can seamlessly integrate into your current energy offerings.

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