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Everything You Wanted to Know about Flexible Solar Panels

Everything You Wanted to Know about Flexible Solar Panels

More Americans than ever before are choosing solar power for their emergency backup energy supply needs. Flexible solar panels are a fast, easy, and affordable way to reap the benefits of solar energy for use in numerous unique applications. What are flexible solar panels and for what purposes are they the most efficient option?

Much like traditional solar panels, Univix flexible solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into usable energy. However, flexible solar panels are significantly smaller and lighter than regular solar panels. This allows them to be used for many applications in which full-sized solar panels would not be plausible.

Continue reading as we reveal the potential uses, benefits, and everything else that you wanted to know about flexible solar panels.

What are Some Common Uses for Flexible Solar Panels?

Flexible solar panels are useful in a wide range of applications due to their short width and high bendability. These features allow them to fit easily on boats, recreational vehicles, camper trailers, detached sheds, and in various other applications.  Flexible solar panels can be used for numerous residential purposes, including providing energy to a detached garage, work shed, or another outdoor structure.

The smaller size of these panels also allows them to be installed on homes that do not usually qualify for solar panels, including mobile homes, tiny homes, or other non-traditional dwelling units.

Can You Install Flexible Solar Panels on Residential Roofs?

Yes, you could technically install a flexible solar panel on a standard home roof. However, this is not their most efficient application as they are more expensive than traditional glass panels and produce less power. They are made for unique applications like portable power, RV roofs, Vans, Boats and other areas where it is difficult to mount glass panels.  They are great for use in emergency applications where they can be easily transported and deployed in an open area without the risk of breaking like a traditional glass panel.

How Much Do Flexible Solar Panels Cost?

Flexible solar panels provide installation in areas that you can’t mount normal glass panels easily, but they do cost 50% more per watt than traditional solar panels.

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Do Flexible Solar Panels Require Professional Installation?

One of the major benefits of flexible solar panels is that they are easy to install, and homeowners generally not do usually require any professional assistance.

Do Flexible Solar Panels Qualify for Tax Exemptions?

You may qualify for a 30% federal solar tax credit if you invest in flexible solar panels installation on any property that is considered a second home by the IRS.  It is also worth checking into whether your state, county, or municipality offers any benefit for the use of flexible solar panels.  Additionally, even if there are no programs in place locally for you, it is wise to check each year to see if additional solar programs benefitting homeowners are put into place.  Often they are applied retroactively.

How Much Power Does a 200W Flexible Solar Panel Provide?

The most commonly utilized flexible solar panel models feature standard 200W energy supply capabilities. Using just a few 200W panels is an adequate amount of energy for small appliances, tools, lighting, camping, tiny homes, and numerous off-grid purposes.

Univix Flexible Solar Panels and Solar Backup Generators

Have you recently invested in solar energy for your home, boat, or RV? Maximize solar panel efficiency by investing in a backup energy supply that features solar energy storage capabilities. The Bank, by Univix, is a portable generator that is capable of storing and converting solar energy on demand.

Univix home solar backup generators were developed with maximum efficiency and versatility in mind. Visit Univix online for more information.  You can also reach out to an energy supply expert by calling 603-709-2176.

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