Looking for the Best Solar Backup Home Battery in the US?

The Bank is a powerful, on-demand full home battery backup power source at an affordable price. Never before has home backup power been so powerful, affordable, and worked so effectively using solar energy or other alternative energy sources.

No More Blackouts at Home without a Backup Home Battery!

We have all found ourselves without electrical power at one point or another. On a cold winter night or when we needed our wifi or refrigerator to work, we may have found ourselves without electricity–and without a home battery backup system. It can be extremely stressful and even dangerous or disastrous to be without a battery backup for the whole house in an emergency. The Bank by Univix is the nation’s best solar energy home battery backup you can own. . The Bank functions as an emergency backup power battery for the home and is the the only home energy solution you will need in an outage or blackout. The Bank is the powerful home battery backup for you to end days or nights without electricity. 

Most home battery backups do not have the performance, the power, and the many features that Univix created when it built The Bank. The Bank provides a portable home battery back up for the whole house whenever needed, on demand, for an entire 24 hours, and easily recharges to be the only whole home battery backup you will ever need. The Bank also comes with a 10-year limited warranty as well as being easy to install and portable, to be positioned or moved as needed.  Home backup power, on demand, renewable and all you will need in case of trouble.

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Some of the Features of the Bank

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Powerful Carbon Battery Generator for Whole-Home Battery Backup Power

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Solar Generator Means Whole Home Battery Backup is also a Green Home Energy Solution

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Reliable Backup Home Battery Means Green Backup Power On Demand 

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Portable Power Generator Means Easy to Place Home Backup Power with Wheels

The Bank is a Solar Generator that is Both a Whole House Generator and Can Function Using Residential Generator Power Sources, like Electricity or Wind

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Residential consumers nowadays are seeking home energy solutions like home battery backups system that are environmentally responsible.  They seek a whole-home battery backup system that doesn’t only run off of the standard home battery backup source—the electrical grid. If you don’t have access to electricity, a backup home battery that depends upon the electrical grid is useless. The Bank was created with this in mind, as a backup home energy solution that will work in all circumstances. 

It is a simple equation to consider that when a home loses its home battery backups from rolling blackouts, electrical power shortages, or other natural disasters, they need their home battery backup to immediately be the on-demand residential power source they sought when they first purchased it. The Bank is exactly this power solution.

Having a solar home battery back up power source that is self-powered and can be integrated with any other energy source reduces your reliance on the electrical grid immediately.  The powerful Univix home battery back up, The Bank, needs no attention or upkeep, unlike many complicated and difficult to install home battery back up power solutions.

Despite Being a Powerful Backup Battery for the Whole House, The Bank Also Provides Portable Backup Energy

Most “whole home battery backup” solutions do not have the advanced features of the The Bank, nor the power and performance The Bank provides.   Unvix specializes in backup power solutions and backup energy solutions unlike any other American company.

The Bank wasn’t designed to be stationed outdoors in harsh or moist climate or environmental conditions — it was designed specifically for the use that most serves homeowners, as a home battery backup system, with portability if needed.

In creating a whole home battery backup power generator, Univix created the The Bank to combine the most powerful home generator with all of the capacity of a max-power backup home generator on the market, while having the features of a portable home battery power backup as well. Included in this whole house home battery back up is a self-driving system to help with transport and placement.

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Full 24-Hour Complete Home Battery Backup

As consumers quickly learn when they research home generators, they find that most backup home battery systems are not solar-capable and do not provide everything you need to power your home backup power needs for 24 hours (18.2kWh) and in some cases, beyond 24 hours. The Bank’s backup energy battery solutions were tested at 650 watts continuous power as opposed to the national average emergency load of 550 watts continuous power. With The Bank, you truly get over 24 hours of on-demand backup power. 

And remember— The Bank can easily be charged using electric, solar or alternative energy sources. With The Bank, users gain the advantage of an affordable, all-in-one power station that provides reliable, clean energy, and energy security when the power goes out.

Keep the Necessities Powered Up!

Secure your home from power outages with reliable energy storage and backup power. The Bank detects when there is a power outage, disconnects you from the grid, and brings power back to your home in under 20 milliseconds. With The Bank’s sophisticated energy backup capabilities, you get a reliable, maintenance-free, green generator solution.

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Vital Electronics

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Vital Electronics

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Security System

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Well Pump

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And More…

A Powerful Solar Backup Generator Built-In Solar Charger Controllers

With the ability to seamlessly integrate with solar, The Bank will allow you to endure any power outage and rely less on the grid with green energy. Its powerful built-in solar charge controllers allow you to run your backup loads indefinitely with the power of solar!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bank? 

The Bank is a revolutionary home battery backup that stores energy for on-demand use. When you lose power, our unit restores electricity in under 20 milliseconds. With enough battery storage to keep your home running for over 24 hours, you’ll never notice an outage. The Bank can charge with grid power, but is also compatible with solar and other alternative energy sources, allowing for efficient green power. Our fail safe whole home battery backup keeps the lights on, and brings peace of mind during an outage. 

Does the Bank have Built-In Solar Charger Controllers? 

With the ability to seamlessly integrate with solar, The Bank will allow you to endure any outage and rely less on the grid with green energy. Its powerful built-in solar charge controllers allow you to run your backup loads indefinitely with the power of solar! 

Does the Bank Provide Home Backup Power? 

Yes! With The Bank by Univix, you can ensure that your home is protected from power outages with a seamless and reliable backup solution. 

Is the Bank a Relatively Compact Unit? 

Gain the advantage of a completely self-contained unit that is simple to install and requires no maintenance, so your garage or other room is not crowded by your powerful backup generator. 

Is the Bank Transportable? 

Yes, the Bank is large but portable. It includes a self-driving system to help with transport and placement anywhere in your home. 

Is the Bank Greener than Other Generators? 

Yes, the Bank is better for the environment than Lithium-Ion batteries or gas generators. You can also have the peace-of-mind knowing our units are built in the USA.

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