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The Bank

A powerful, all-in-one, on-demand, full home battery backup power source

Weather Happens, Outages Don't Have To

We have all found ourselves without electrical power at one point or another. On a cold winter night, when you needed your furnace, or on a hot summer day we you need your fridge and freezer. It can be extremely stressful and even dangerous to be without power. 

The Bank functions as a backup power source for the home. In the event of an outage, The Bank will automatically switch to battery backup in less than 20ms. Meaning your lights won’t even flicker, and your digital clocks won’t reset. All your electronics are protected and running during a power outage.

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Features of the Bank

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Powerful Carbon Battery Technology gives you longer run-time and 100% recyclability

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Solar controllers built in allows for direct plug and play with solar

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Reliable maintenance free, noise free, hassle free.

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All-In-One with no extra components needed.


What The Bank Does For You

The Bank is designed to protect and provide power to the essential loads in your home. In a power event, The Bank automatically switches from grid to battery backup in under 20ms. Anything drawing electric in your home won’t even notice the switch, meaning your computers won’t crash, security systems won’t go offline, your medical equipment won’t skip a beat, and your clocks won’t reset. 

The Bank provides a clean sinewave, meaning any sensitive electronics won’t be harmed. This includes medical equipment. 

With the ability to auto start generators, or connect directly to solar, The Bank is prepared for the long haul. Even without these additions, you can enjoy 24 hours of emergency power with no maintenance, no noise, and instant transfer times.  

Keep the Necessities Powered Up!

Secure your home from power outages with reliable energy storage and backup power. The Bank detects a power outage, disconnects you from the grid, and brings power back to your home in under 20 milliseconds. All of your loads can be uninterrupted, including:

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Vital Electronics

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Medical Equipment

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Security System

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Well Pump

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And More…

Why The Bank is The Choice For You


Features of The Bank

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The Bank is packed full of features to give you the best value for your dollar. The chassis is built with rugged materials for long term usability. Including:

  • Powered Drive for easy portability
  • Drive Shut Off Key for safety
  • LCD Display packed with info yet easy to read
  • Structural Foam Shell makes it durable, child proof, fire retardant, and weather resistant
  • Twistlock Cables make it easy to install, as well as disconnect for transport or other needs.
  • Military Grade Breakers built to last
  • Hinged Chassis Design for long-term easy serviceability
  • All Aluminum Framework prevents corrosion
  • Quiet Temp Controlled Fans, you won’t even know it’s there

Our Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter is the heart of the Bank units. These robust inverters provide The Bank with an abundance of power. 

  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller allows direct solar integration
  • Pure Sine Wave provides clean power, extending the life of your electronics. Also safe for medical equipment
  • Automatic Transfer Switch, switches in less than 20ms, leaving your loads uninterrupted
  • Auto Generator Start, starts your generator in an emergency
  • Simple Programming allows you to make The Bank work how you want it to
  • Remote Monitoring lets you check in on your system from anywhere

The Bank uses our 12v Carbon Batteries for 20.6kWh of energy storage. Our batteries utilize carbon in place of lead to increase performance. 

  • Maintenance free
  • Fully sealed
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Capable of 90% state of discharge without damage
  • No thermal runaway
  • No fire or explosion risk
  • No gas venting
  • 100% Recyclability 
  • Safe for the environment to produce

Frequently Asked Questions

Often referred to as a solar generator, or a battery backup solution, The Bank is a home backup solution that protects your home from power outages and surges, keeping your home running.

Just one! One Bank unit is made to handle your home. The average household emergency load is 550w continuous, we tested our units at 650w continuous and they ran for over 24 hours WITHOUT solar!

Yes! The Bank has a less than 20ms transfer time, meaning when your power goes out, you won’t even see the lights flicker, and the clocks won’t reset!

Completely! The Bank has undergone testing done to be certified safe from any curiosity including any tiny fingers that might poke around it. There is also no way into the chassis for any small pets, even rodents!

Yes, it has a powerful 8000W continuous inverter that has a 12000W, 60-second motor start. It can run just about anything, However, your backup time will be much shorter with heavy loads.

Next to none! The Bank is fully sealed and requires no maintenance until our carbon batteries need to be replaced 10-15 years down the road, and since they aren’t lithium batteries, this won’t cost you a fortune!

Yes. The Bank has an intelligent mode, that when the battery is fully charged it will run your loads off the Solar, reducing the electric usage you pull from the grid. As of now, The Bank is only capable of net metering with Enphase IQ7+ or higher microinverters, due to rapid shutdown requirements. These microinverters self-isolate during a power outage and turn solar panels back on, without back feeding the grid.

Yes, and if your generator can auto-start, our Bank units will ask them to when the batteries are low!

The Bank is made to be an alternative to a whole home gas generator. While a gas generator will run your home as long as you have fuel, a Bank unit will run it as long as the sun shines! Even without solar, you can enjoy under 20ms startup times, no maintenance, and completely silent home backup.

Are You a Contractor, Residential Solar Distributor or Other Home Energy Provider?

Contact us to find out more about our inverter and battery solutions that can seamlessly integrate into your current energy offerings.

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