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America's #1 Backup Solar Generator On Demand Power

The Bank by Univix is America’s number one backup solar generator for your home or business. Power, performance, and affordability in a backup solar generator.  It’s a standby home generator if your power goes out and a portable power generator all in one.

The Bank by Univix is a Powerful Portable Power Generator Made to Fit Your Needs

In addition to being the best backup solar generator and battery generator for your home, The Bank by Univix is the nation’s best portable power generator you can buy. The Bank’s excellence as a standby home generator or a backup business generator is why thousands of Americans have chosen it as the primary back home generator and backup solar generator for business.  But many don’t think about the bank as a portable power generator that they can use for a variety of power needs should it be necessary.

There are few mobile generators that can store and emit power at this level.  The Bank can meet portable generator power needs when taken for camping, long term RV use, being on a work-site or construction site, and more.   No more loud, dirty, gas-powered portable backup generators that are both unreliable and costly.  Having a portable solar generator like the Bank, that can loaded onto a truck or trailer where major power is needed?  A no-brainer!

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The Bank is a Portable Generator for Home or Business Offers You Unprecedented Flexibility

Backup power is critical for your home or company and a portable generator can be the solution to any on-demand energy need.  You may have always considered a backup power home generator as needing to be a permanently installed residential generator, that needs to be affixed permanently to the wall of your garage, storage room, or warehouse like old house generators from the early days.   As technology has improved and power outages have become more costly and frequent, innovative energy companies like Univix have developed home backup generators of significant size and power that give you the power of a whole house generator while also functioning as a portable generator if mobility is ever necessary.

The best backup home generator on the market,  The Bank solar generator acts as a powerful solar backup generator for home and business needs well beyond just plugging in your cell phone or computer.  When a blackout or power outage occurs, The Bank automatically kicks into gear, giving you the powerful generator for your home that you need to power your appliances for 24 hours or more. Few backup power generators are more versatile than The Bank.  A house generator that also can function as a mobile generator if needed?  The Bank is an all-in-one backup power generator. 

A Powerful Backup Portable Generator that Moves with You...on Demand

Americans are more mobile than ever before.  Very few Americans stay in one place for many years, and if you invest in a home backup generator, it needs to be able to adapt to your needs–and changing locations is one of the needs you may have.   A portable generator of scale and power to meet your energy needs can go with you wherever your road may lead. 

Imagine changing residences or business locations.  Moving a permanently affixed backup home generator can become an expensive problem to address once you know you need to move.   If you have a house generator that is completely affixed to your wall or floor with cables, running wires, and was installed without any thought that one day you might move, you could find moving this house generator will cause you great expense and stress. 

There is a potential to cause damage to a permanently installed standby home generator if it needs to be moved.  Expensive cables or connectors integral to the home generator’s functionality can break or be damaged, the backup house generator may not be suited to the new location, or the simple process of transporting the residential generator unit can cause lasting damage.   The result?  Losing the value of your investment and having to buy a new generator for your home.

The Bank Mobile Generator Gives You the Peace of Mind Knowing You Have a Powerful Backup Power Generator

With The Bank, its mobility is one of its most desirable features.  It is a home backup generator, a solar generator, that can move with you. Beyond its versatility and power, the Bank by Univix offers a solar generator that will provide your home or business backup power for 24 hours or more, with an easy setup and, right after your move, it is ready to go in the case of a loss of home power. 

It is hard to put a value on peace of mind, but having a reliable backup portable generator like The Bank in your home and business provides a level of peace of mind that we all need. Simply knowing that critical machines powered by a faulty and unreliable electrical grid have a constant source of backup power is reason alone to explore acquiring The Bank and comparing it to other units.

An All-in-One Backup Solar Generator and Mobile Generator Has Countless Benefits

There are countless benefits of a portable solar generator.  The obvious advantage of a portable generator is it can be taken anywhere, but there are some less obvious benefits to portable generators that Univix customers have enjoyed with the Bank backup solar generator as well!

  • Dependability 
  • Safety and Ease of Use
  • Recreational Power Source
  • Power for Tools, Computers, and Electronics
  • Emergency Power Source
  • Suited to Various Uses

The Bank by Univix provides 21st century powerful portable battery generator to fuel your home and business.  

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The Bank Backup Solar Generator
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Bank is a large, powerful solar generator for home or business.  As a standby home generator, the Bank stores energy for on-demand residential use. If you lose power, The Bank will restore electricity in under 20 milliseconds. With enough solar battery storage to provide you all the power your home will need for over 24 hours, you can have the peace of mind knowing you will have power in the event of an outage. The Bank can charge with grid power, but is also compatible with solar and other alternative energy sources, allowing for efficient green power. Although it weighs around 800 lbs, the Bank is also a portable backup generator which can be moved as needed. 

Yes, The Bank is a solar backup generator that will allow you to endure any power outage you may face at home or in your business. With the ability to seamlessly integrate with solar, The Bank relies less on the grid than non-solar backup generators with green energy. Its powerful built-in solar charge controllers allow you to run your backup loads indefinitely with the power of solar at your disposal.  

The Bank has a 250AH battery capacity with a runtime of over 24 hours.  It works on any alternative energy source and the Bank Model 12000 has an AC Input Voltage of 240V +/-10% with an AC Output Voltage of 120/240 and 8000W of Output Continuous Power.  Compare this to a traditional, “permanent” backup home generator and you will find The Bank is the only backup generator for you home or business that you will need.   It is also portable, which offers innumerable advantages.

The Bank has a 48 Volt Carbon Battery bank with a 250AH battery capacity (at 10 Hour Rate).  It operates at an exceptional rate of efficiency for a backup home generator that can be used for business or recreational uses. 

The two models of The Bank by Univix weigh 898 lbs (the 12000 Model) and 864 lbs (the 9000 Model) respectively.  And they are on sturdy, strong, flexible wheels to be able to move or transport them if needed. 

Yes, installation if easy– but we always recommend you Find a Dealer who can advise if you have any questions.  You can also always call us directly with questions during normal business hours. 

A very good question…once The Bank is properly installed as you would any home standby generator, you don’t need to do anything special to keep it charged.  The convenience of having a powerful backup generator like The Bank is second-to-none, and the concept of a whole house generator is precisely that you don’t have to do anything to keep it charged.  The Bank is a one-stop residential generator that can function as a mobile generator if needed.

Yes, The Bank solar home generator will keep your refrigerator operating in the case of a power outage. It is a powerful home generator which has enough power to be a whole house generator in back of an outage.  This includes powering a refrigerator.

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