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The Univix 8000W Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Charger Inverter is crafted for the purpose of running your whole house or business office when the power goes out. Perfect for using with renewable solar and other alternative energy sources, the Univix inverter is the ultimate off-grid, home, and business back-up power supply.


The Univix 8000W Inverter has built-in functionality to provide you with uninterrupted power for your home’s essential loads. And in the event of a grid outage, you’re automatically provided with versatile, instant backup power. With twin 60A Solar charge controllers built in you can add plenty of solar to meet your needs.

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Core Features

  • AC/Solar charging, off-grid Hybrid Inverter.
  • LED/LCD display with enhanced functions setting via LCD.
  • Built in Dual 60A MPPT charge controllers (120A total)
  • LCD shows the solar power capacity.
  • Built in 50A AC charger
  • AC/DC priority modes.
  • Built in Auto generator start feature
  • 150% 1 minute motor start capacity
  • Overload, output short-circuit protection.
  • Remote Monitoring via Cellphone app
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