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Carbon Battery


The Univix 12V 250AH Carbon Battery is a state-of-the-art battery crafted from high-grade, quality raw materials to ensure incredibly low self-discharge rates. Featuring True Deep Cycle technology, premium fast-charging capabilities, strong high and low-temperature performance, and precision-sealing technology… the Univix Carbon Battery ensures that you have reliable energy storage for on-demand use.


The Univix Carbon Battery is not a standard AGM or simple carbon additive battery. The plates inside the battery are made of a carbon composite, and carbon is also added to the electrolyte. The result is a sealed, maintenance-free battery that lasts up to 15 years, can be discharged as low as 90% without damage, and costs the same as a traditional AGM solar battery! It is also stable, 100% recyclable, and low impact on the environment to produce.


Univix Carbon Battery Spec Sheet

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Core Features

  1. Oxygen Recombination Technology: Maintenance-Free.
  2. PbCaSN Alloy for Plate Grids: Less Gassing, Less Self-Discharging.
  3. High-Quality AGM Separator: Extended Cycle Life, Prevents Micro Short Circuit.
  4. Flame-Retardant ABS Material: Increase the Strength of the Battery Container, compliant with UL approval.
  5. High-Purity Raw Material: Ensures Low Self Discharge Rate.
  6. Silver-Coated Copper Terminals: (T1, T2 Terminals), Brass Insert Terminals and Lead Terminals Improve the Electric Conductivity.
  7. UL, CSA, and CE approvals: With flying colors
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