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The Bank 12000

What Is The Bank?


The Bank is a complete energy storage device that provides power for on-demand use, including all of the capabilities of a standard generator. The Bank is a greener solution that includes built-in Solar charge controllers. It can also be charged from other alternative sources like Wind or Water turbines. Powered by a pure sine wave inverter, The Bank provides a straightforward setup with easier integration. Our product is easy to install, with an electric drive that makes transport simple and easy. Feel secure with The Bank.

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Core Features

1.Uninterruptable Power Supply: Power transfers to emergency backup in under 20ms, fast enough to not reset a digital clock.

2.Pure Sine Wave Inverter: Clean power that is safe for sensitive equipment, including medical.

3.Fully Sealed Carbon Batteries: No maintenance, No dangers of lithium batteries, and 100% recyclable.

4.Flame-Retardant Material: The entire chassis and all internals are made from flame-retardant material.

5.Drive System: Makes transportation and installation easy.

6.Kid and Pet Friendly: Completely sealed from any small animals or fingers!

7.Built to last: From using aluminum to avoid rust, to military-grade plugs made for abuse. These were built with longevity in mind.

8.Made In The USA: Proudly made in the USA, and proudly built green!

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