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Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverters

With built-in solar charge controllers, auto generator start, remote monitoring, and more

Control your Solar, Battery, And Grid Power

Our Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverters give you everything you need to manage your solar, battery, and grid power, all in one place. 

  • Battery Preset Options allows the inverter to be quickly programmed to any battery type. 
  • AC Charger can be programmed to work with any power source, and charge when you need it. 
  • MPPT Charge Controller built in, allows direct connection with solar. No separate components required.
Simplify your home energy, and control all of your power sources with one inverter. Whether you are simply providing battery backup for your home, or running fully off grid, our Solar Inverter has you covered. 
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Straightforward Installation

Straightforward installation with clearly labeled connections, all mounted to the front of the inverter. Universal lugs used for battery connections, and screw down connections for everything else. Hooking up your power sources can be done in minutes. 

Basic two wire generator auto start is compatible with all major generator brands.

Plug and play remote LCD ports allow you to display your inverters information where ever you need it. 

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Powerful Transformer based inverter doesn’t back down from heavy loads.

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Solar Controllers Built-in provide direct solar connection

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Instant Transfer Times mean your electronics stay running with no inturruptions

Which Inverter Do I Need?

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4000w Continuous
$ 1699
  • AC Input - 120v
  • DC Input - 24v
  • AC Charger - 42a
  • Max PV - 60a
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6000w Continuous
$ 2499
  • AC Input - 240v
  • DC Input - 48v
  • AC Charger - 50a
  • Max PV - 60a
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8000w Continuous
$ 3799
  • AC Input - 240v
  • DC Input - 48v
  • AC Charger - 80a
  • Max PV - 120a
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12000w Continuous
$ 4499
  • AC Input - 240v
  • DC Input - 48v
  • AC Charger - 90a
  • Max PV - 120a

Need help deciding which inverter is for you? Let us help, give us a call at 603.709.2176

Remote Monitor

Monitor Your System From Anywhere

Keep peace of mind with WiFi monitoring, accessible from Android, IOS, or browser. Always know if your home has power, even when you are away. Keep track of your usage, and solar production, with easy-to-read charts.

  • Monitor Sources, see what source your home is drawing power from
  • Push Notifications, lets you know when grid goes down
  • Battery Status, know when your batteries are charged or low
  • Power Usage, keep track of how much power your home uses
  • Informative Charts, giving you access to usage, generation, and other energy information
  • Faults and Alerts, easy troubleshooting for any faults in your system

Keep the Necessities Powered Up with Univix Solar Inverters

Our Powerful Pure Sine Wave Inverters power, and protect your loads with clean, reliable energy.

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Vital Electronics

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Medical Equipment

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Security System

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Well Pump

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And More…

Built in MPPT Charge Controllers

Our pure sinewave inverters come with built in MPPT solar charge controllers, enabling you to easily integrate your solar directly, without extra components. 

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Solar Inverter FAQs

Modified Sine Wave Vs Pure Sine WaveSine waves refer to alternating current (AC) power.  A pure sine wave is a perfectly smooth wave, often referred to as “clean power”, which is necessary for sensitive electronics. It’s comparable to putting clean gas into your car.

Our Solar Inverters are all Transformer-based, meaning they use a transformer to convert AC to DC. Transformers are considered to be more reliable and produce a cleaner sinewave. But, they are bulky and heavy. For protecting your home, we felt reliability was the best choice.

We offer a 10 year limited warranty on our inverters. 

If you are looking to save on shipping and support local, try our “Find A Dealer” page.

Are You a Contractor, Residential Solar Distributor or Other Home Energy Provider?

Contact us to find out more about our inverter and battery solutions that can seamlessly integrate into your current energy offerings.

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