The Benefits of Using a Backup Solar Powered Generator in Film Production

The Benefits of Using a Backup Solar Powered Generator in Film Production

The film industry is an incredibly complex and demanding industry. From the production side to the post-production phase, it requires an immense amount of energy and resources. With so much depending on the quality of the film and the timely delivery of its completion, the need for reliable and stable power is essential.   In 2023, weather conditions have impacted the film industry in unprecedented ways.

Backup power is a vital component of the film industry and is especially important for long days of shooting or extended post-production processes.  Univix Energy Solutions has created a product which is perfectly positioned to be the go-to backup generator for the film industry, known as “The Bank”.

Why Is Backup Power Generation So Essential in the Film Industry?

In the film industry, backup power is a must-have for a variety of reasons.  Consider the following:

1. There is a Need to Maintain Continuity of Shooting

There is the need to ensure the continuity of shooting, especially when the production and crew are dependent on the availability of light and electricity for the specific setup.

2. Weather Conditions Can Cause Power Outages on Set and During Indoor Production

Although The Bank is a backup power generator used indoors, the fact remains that outdoor weather conditions impact indoor production needs. Unforeseen weather conditions can disrupt the production process and power outages may occur. Cameras, computers, laptops, mobile phones, lighting equipment, batteries and more need a reliable source of backup power.

In these cases, having a backup power source is crucial for ensuring that the production can keep going without much interruption. To ensure the quality of the film, production teams need to be able to rely on a reliable and stable power source.

solar power in film industry

3. The Film Industry Needs to Protect Powerful and Expensive Equipment

The film industry has a very fundamental need to protect valuable equipment. Film cameras, editing systems, and other production equipment are essential for the production to run smoothly and efficiently. If a power outage occurs, there is a risk that the equipment will be damaged and cost time and money to repair or replace.

Having a reliable backup power source can protect the equipment and minimize the risk of costly repair or replacement.  This is often an overlooked component of establishing the metrics for energy needs during a film shoot, and can be a costly oversight.

What are the Benefits of Using a Solar Generator for Film Industry Backup Power?

The benefits of using a solar generator for backup power in the film industry are numerous. Not only does it provide a reliable and sustainable power source for production and post-production processes, but it also helps to reduce the cost of power consumption. Solar generators can provide a steady flow of energy, thus reducing the need for costly fuel and electricity on set and off. Additionally, solar generators are a much greener alternative to traditional power sources, helping to reduce the film industry’s carbon footprint, which has become a more and more important factor in reducing costs and negative public perception about the way the film sector conducts business. 

Solar Backup Generators are an Ideal Solution for Film Production

For all of the reasons mentioned above, the film industry has begun to turn to solar generators as a reliable and sustainable source of backup power. Solar generators are an ideal solution for the film industry, as they are clean, reliable, and cost-effective. A solar generator can provide a steady flow of energy for the production and post-production processes, ensuring that equipment and lighting are powered and that the production can continue smoothly. They are also easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and are a much greener alternative to traditional power sources.

The Bank by Univix is the Powerful Backup Solar Generator Solution for the Film Industry

The team at Univix knows that the need for reliable and stable backup power in the film industry is essential. They have created the perfect backup energy source in The Bank, a clean, reliable, and cost-effective solution for the film industry energy needs.  Contact Univix for more detail or Find a Dealer near you about The Bank and which other products may help you reach the pinnacle of film magic without worrying about the most basic needs that can hinder film production.