Top 6 Reasons that Univix Whole House Generators Are Better than Competitors

Top 6 Reasons that Univix Whole House Generators are Better Than Competitors

Are you searching for a new backup whole house generator for your home? Power outages are a common and frustrating occurrence in areas across the United States.  Not all whole house generator manufacturers provide the same level of quality or reliability. Do you want to make the best choice possible? Provide your family with peace of mind by investing in a Univix backup whole house generator that you can trust.

Univix is committed to providing the most reliable, efficient, and affordable backup generators on the market.

Thousands of home and business owners choose Univix to meet their backup energy supply needs. Not sure if Univix backup generators are right for you? Here are the top 6 reasons that Univix backup generators continue to outrank competitors.

1). Univix Backup Home Generators are Reliable

Access to a reliable home energy source is critical during a power outage. Imagine how frustrated you would be if you invested in a generator but it didn’t work after you lost electricity during a major storm!  It is critical that you choose Univix, the most reliable backup portable energy storage solution on the market today.

Choose a backup generator that you can trust to perform. Univix backup generators store energy and kick into action the moment that the power goes out.  The peace of mind you can gain from Univix’s reliability is incomparable.

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2). Univix Is Committed to Affordable Home Backup Generators

Many people do not understand the importance of a backup generator before it is too late. Without electricity, your family could quickly be living in an unsafe environment. Fortunately, there are home generators available at affordable prices.

Univix believes that all home and business owners deserve to have access to a backup energy source in the event of a power outage. It is wise to shop around and find something within your price range.  Univix is committed to keeping prices as low as possible, without compromising quality and durability.  Univix demonstrates a commitment to affordability in backup generators that their competitors don’t show. 

3). Univix Backup Generators are Safer than Others

Another advantage to Univix generators is that they are safer for your family and for the environment than other competitor products. Traditional portable generators that use fuel can have dangerous carbon monoxide that can risk the health and wellbeing of your family.  Many battery-based generators use battery systems that are unstable and can cause fires without warning, these battery systems are also not good for the environment.

Univix backup generators are safer and better for the environment than competitors. Univix backup generators are powered by 100% recyclable carbon batteries and can use solar energy as well as other alternative energy sources as needed.  Carbon batteries are stable, and will not overheat or catch fire.

4). Univix Generators are Self-Powered

While you may find alternative products difficult to move or immobile, a single person can move the Univix Bank, with a built-in powered drive system.

5). Univix Generators are Portable and Versatile

Many of the generators that are sold by competitors are oversized and have no portability or versatility. Many homeowners are unaware of just how large these appliances are until after installation. In fact, some home generators are larger than a standard-sized heating and cooling unit.

Univix generators are large, but are portable and efficient. Univix’s portability allows you to relocate the backup energy source to anywhere that power is needed. This makes these backup generators a highly useful and versatile appliance. Univix backup generators are great for camping, construction sites, medical devices, emergencies, and more.

6). Univix is User-Friendly

Oftentimes, other generator brands require professional system installation. These services can be time-consuming and expensive. These costs are in addition to the fees associated with regular system inspections and maintenance.  Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, they provide instructions that are impossible to decipher and lead to frustration for owners. 

Univix backup generators outshine competitors with their user-friendly platform that is easy-to-install and requires no maintenance. For your benefit and to make installation as easy as possible, Univix recommends professional installation for all units. Univix also provides easy to understand instructions and videos if more detail is desired.

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Power outages are unpredictable. Invest in a backup power source that you take anywhere that electricity is needed. Reach out to Univix today for more information about reliable, efficient, and sustainable backup energy. Call (603) 709-2176 or email