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Using A Portable Solar Generator for the Conference and Trade Show Industry

Using A Portable Solar Generator for the Conference and Trade Show Industry

The conference and trade show industries are in constant need of reliable power sources to ensure their events run smoothly. Globally, there are hundreds of thousands of trade shows every year, and many of these shows and events take place in locations with power supplies not well-suited to provide the power needed for the vendors and booths at these events.

Vendors and exhibitors pay a small fortune to show their products and services to a highly concentrated group of willing attendees looking to purchase what they have to offer.  In these circumstances, ongoing backup power is a critical component to make sure one has a successful event, as one outage can cause an entire trade show to come crashing down and with it, the dreams and hopes of the exhibitors.

Essential Need for Reliable Backup Power Generators for Trade Shows

What could be the solution for the need for a steady and reliable backup power source for a trade show? What about a powerful, environmentally-friendly solar portable power generators from Univix?  Univix’s large but portable solar power generator can provide a dependable, backup on-demand power supply which offers a range of benefits to businesses who are exhibiting at a trade show, or as a backup for promoters who run their computers, cell phones, electric tools, and other equipment from their office.

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Portable Power Generators Do the Job for Exhibitors and Promoters

A portable power generator is an excellent backup power solution that is able to provide a reliable power source in the event of a power outage at a conference or trade event. The portability of the generator means that it can be taken to any show or event location and set up quickly to ensure power is restored to the event in the case of an outage.  Of course, one must understand the volume of power needed when selecting a backup power generator, but at a minimum, a vendor with a large booth that runs computers, screens, and needs power on demand for charging purposes will always have The Bank at their disposal.

The Bank By Univix Provides Trade Show and Event Backup Power on Demand

The Bank can be especially beneficial for events where electrical sources may not be available or reliable.  Many trade shows and exhibits require vendors and booth-holders to share a single outlet which can quickly become congested and the vendors experience surge issues, turning their booths dark.   This is solved when a vendor has The Bank as their backup power source.  For exhibitors or vendors who show at multiple shows per month, The Bank can become part of their regular event inventory or setup.

Portable Solar Generators Can Power Audio/Visual and Electronic Equipment

Portable generators like The Bank also offer a great solution for powering audio/visual equipment and other electronics at shows and events. The generator can provide a steady, consistent power supply for items such as projectors, sound systems, and computers. This allows for an uninterrupted presentation and a smooth event experience for attendees.

Stop Renting Backup Portable Solar Generators and Invest Wisely in The Bank by Univix

In addition to providing a reliable power source, portable generators can also help conference and trade show businesses save money. Many companies rent their generators, allowing them to only pay for the power when it is needed. This can provide a great cost savings, as well as the convenience of having the generator delivered, set up, and taken away when the event is over.

A Solar Backup Generator Can Provide Extra Safety in the Event of an Outage

The use of a backup power generator can also be a great way to ensure the safety of attendees and staff at events. If a power outage were to occur, the generator would be able to supply emergency lighting and other necessary equipment until the power is restored. This can help prevent accidents and ensure the safety of everyone at the event.

Finally, portable power generators are a great way to ensure that events are able to go on as planned, even in the event of a power outage. This can help to maintain the event’s reputation, as well as the reputation of the company hosting the event.

In conclusion, large portable solar backup generators like The Bank from Univix offer a great range of benefits to conference and trade show businesses. From providing a reliable power source to saving money on rental costs and ensuring the safety of attendees, portable generators can be an invaluable tool for ensuring that events run smoothly and successfully.  For more detail related to shows and exhibitions and how The Bank by Univix can meet backup power needs, contact Univix today or Find a Dealer near you!

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