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We are Univix Power Solutions. Greener and Stronger for Longer.

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Our Team

Experience matters to us. At Univix, we not only wanted a reliable product, but a reliable team to go with it. When creating a solar generator solution, we knew that having a trustworthy backup energy source was absolutely essential. With over 25 years of experience in the off-grid solar industry, our engineers developed a product that is stronger, longer-lasting, easier to use, and more cost-efficient than our competitors.

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Our Products

We provide multiple energy solutions for families, businesses, and energy providers. The Bank, our backup-power solution, incorporates everything you need to power your home or business’s essentials for 24 hours (18.2kWh). The Bank can easily be charged using electric, solar or alternative energy sources. With The Bank, users gain the advantage of an affordable, all-in-one power station that provides reliable, clean energy, and energy security when the power goes out.

Additionally, the battery and inverter found in The Bank are powerful tools that can be purchased separately by energy providers to incorporate with their power solutions.

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