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Power Your Home and Business with America's #1 Backup Energy Source

Univix offers powerful energy solutions at affordable prices.

Looking for a Powerful, On-Demand Energy Source without the High Price Tag?

Univix Bank

The Bank by Univix

The Bank is a powerful backup energy source that was designed to be a cost-efficient and affordable alternative to the standard generator. The Bank boasts 20ms switch times, no maintenance, and no noise. See why your home benefits from upgrading to The Bank. 

Univix Powerful Energy Solutions

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The best home backup generator on the market, the Bank will keep your home fully powered by solar or other energy sources — on demand.



Business Energy Solutions

We build custom power solutions for businesses, large and small. Whether you are looking for backup power, or power on the go, contact us to learn what we can do for you. Never find your business without full power again.



Powerful Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Our powerful pure sine wave inverters boast real tested power. Ranging from 4-12kw continuous. All of our inverters also include built-in MPPT charge controllers for adding alternative energy.


Full Time Off-Grid

Industry leading full time off-grid solutions at an affordable price. Going off-grid doesn’t have to be a rich man’s game. Full carbon arrays give 20 years of reliable power, maintenance free, and 100% recyclable.

Would you like to become a Univix Partner?

If you are a solar installer or other energy provider, contact us to find out more about our inverter and battery solutions that can seamlessly integrate into your current energy offerings.

Find a Dealer Near You

Find a Univix product near you.  The Bank backup generator units are available for sale across the United States. Let us help you find a unit near you!

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Safety Concerns and Risks of Lithium Battery Storage at Home

In recent years, the popularity of lithium-ion batteries for home energy storage has surged, driven by the growing demand for renewable energy solutions and the desire for greater energy independence. While lithium batteries offer numerous advantages, it’s essential for homeowners to be aware of the potential safety issues and risks associated with their use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bank is a revolutionary home battery backup that stores energy for on-demand use. When you lose power, our unit restores electricity in under 20 milliseconds. With enough battery storage to keep your home running for over 24 hours, you’ll never notice an outage. 

The Bank can charge with grid power, but is also compatible with solar and other alternative energy sources, allowing for efficient green power. Our fail safe whole home battery backup keeps the lights on, and brings peace of mind during an outage.

Funny you should ask! Here are 6 reasons why Univix generators are better than competitors.

At over 800 lbs, you wouldn’t think so, but The Bank is perfect for any location where powerful portable backup energy is needed.  It was designed with a self-driving system and durable wheels. With The Bank, you can stop paying to rent portable generators for your construction or work site, ranch, etc.

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