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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

About Our Product, and Our Company

The Bank

Often referred to as a solar generator, or a battery backup solution, The Bank is a home backup solution that protects your home from power outages and surges, keeping your home running.

Just one! One Bank unit is made to handle your home. The average household emergency load is 550w continuous, we tested our units at 650w continuous and they ran for over 24 hours WITHOUT solar!
Yes! The Bank has a less than 20ms transfer time, meaning when your power goes out, you won’t even see the lights flicker, and the clocks won’t reset!

Completely! The Bank has undergone testing done to be certified safe from any curiosity including any tiny fingers that might poke around it. There is also no way into the chassis for any small pets, even rodents!

Yes, it has a powerful 8000W continuous inverter that has a 12000W, 60-second motor start. It can run just about anything, However, your backup time will be much shorter with heavy loads.
Next to none! The Bank is fully sealed and requires no maintenance until our carbon batteries need to be replaced 10-15 years down the road, and since they aren’t lithium batteries, this won’t cost you a fortune!
Yes. The Bank has an intelligent mode, that when the battery is fully charged it will run your loads off the Solar, reducing the electric usage you pull from the grid. As of now, The Bank is only capable of net metering with Enphase IQ7+ or higher microinverters, due to rapid shutdown requirements. These microinverters self-isolate during a power outage and turn solar panels back on, without back feeding the grid.
Yes, and if your generator can auto-start, our Bank units will ask them to when the batteries are low!
The Bank is made to be an alternative to a whole home gas generator. While a gas generator will run your home as long as you have fuel, a Bank unit will run it as long as the sun shines! Even without solar, you can enjoy under 20ms startup times, no maintenance, and completely silent home backup.

Carbon Batteries

Carbon batteries are fully sealed AGM-type batteries, with carbon composite plates and carbon-enhanced electrolytes inside. Sulfur doesn’t stick to carbon; therefore, these batteries can’t sulfide up! This makes them long-lasting batteries with a deep state of discharge capability.
Carbon batteries are 100% recyclable and are safe for the environment to produce.
Carbon batteries are stable around the same price as AGM batteries. Which makes them less than half the cost of lithium.
Our 250ah carbon battery has a 15-year design life. Our 1000+ah 2 volt cells are 20 years.
Carbon batteries are extremely safe. They are fully sealed and don’t require venting. They do not catch fire or have any explosion risk.
Carbon batteries do not require a BMS. Our 12v 250ah carbon batteries can even be charged with a simple car battery charger.

Our Inverters

A sine wave is a waveform that represents AC (Alternating Current) changing with time. Pure Sine Wave inverters are capable of producing a cleaner, “quieter”, sine wave that is healthy for all electronics.
Yes! All of our inverters also have built-in charge controllers for alternative energy. We have a range of 60a to 120a charge controllers built in.
Yes, Univix inverters can auto-start generators! Whenever the attached batteries are low, the inverter will start your generator, as long as it supports auto start.

Yes, our inverters are all ETL-approved, which is the global approval.

Univix inverters are not digital. They are low-frequency transformer based. This is considered the old fashion way to do it, but it is much more reliable. The transformers are capable of taking a heavy draw without dropping voltage, something that digital inverters simply can’t do. Due to this, our inverters are capable of doing 150% more draw than their continuous rating for 1 minute, allowing you to start up heavy loads like well pumps.
Univix inverters can switch between power sources in under 20 milliseconds. This means that our inverters are capable of switching from grid to batteries in the event of a power outage, and back when the grid comes back online, without resetting your alarm clock, or flickering your lights.


We are located out of Laconia, New Hampshire. If you’re nearby, come say hello!
We manufacture alternative energy products and solutions. While we sell smaller-scale products publically, we have also done custom megawatt class solutions.
The company was founded in 2018. Our team has decades of experience with alternative energy, and the founders decided they could do products better! In 2018, it finally happened.
It’s funny to ask a renewable energy company if they are a “green” company. However, it is sad that most aren’t! Luckily, here at Univix, we believe in taking any step we can to reduce our impact. Not only does it help the environment, but it helps our customers, and us! This is why we;
  • Use 100% recyclable carbon batteries
  • Reuse all of our packaging materials, (we haven’t purchased packing materials in years!)
  • Donate excess packing materials to local schools or businesses for craft programs or packaging
  • Power our show trailer entirely with solar
  • Build our Bank units out of structural foam mold and aluminum, which is recyclable!
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