Reliable Backup Power Needed in Texas, 2023: Tornadoes, Storms, and Widespread Power Outages

Reliable Backup Generator in Texas, 2023: Tornadoes, Storms, and Widespread Power Outages

As you know if you are looking for a backup reliable generator in Texas in 2023, Texas is no stranger to storms. From powerful hurricanes to raging tornadoes, the Lone Star State has seen its fair share of severe weather over the years. In the first months of 2023, the storms in Texas have reached a new level of intensity. 

What Have Texans Experienced in the First Part of 2023?

Since 2023 began, Texans, particularly in Central Texas, have experienced tornadoes, ice storms, and other extreme weather events at a level never before experienced.  These weather events have caused significant damage and disruption throughout the Lone Star state, with a nexus in Central and Southern Texas.   

Texans in Houston, for example, have experienced destruction to residential and public property like never before.   With the tornadoes in late January have come power outages statewide, with a desperate need for reliable backup power and portable generators.

Tornadoes in Texas in Late January Led to Unprecedented Power Outages in Houston

The first major storms of the year began in mid-January, but no one could have predicted a series of tornadoes that ripped through parts of Central Texas in late January. On January 24th, tornadoes hit the following counties:

  • Liberty
  • Jefferson
  • Harris
  • Orange
  • Fort Bend
  • Brazoria

The twisters caused widespread destruction, with some areas experiencing wind speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. Thousands of homes suffered either damage or destruction from the powerful winds.

One of the strongest tornadoes ripped through Houston suburbs, causing significant property destruction, power outages, and massive rainfall.  Since 1969, when formal recording of rainfall level first began, Houston’s airport has experienced one January with heavier rainfall. The storms also caused flash flooding in some areas, prompting warnings in dozens of counties.

According to the National Weather Service in Houston-Galveston, winds during the late January tornado ranged between 111 to 135 mph. Many residents felt these wind estimates were low, and that the wind exceeded 150 mph.

Dangerous Ice Storms Have Followed the Tornadoes In Texas

An icy winter storm causing severe weather left nearly 500,000 Texans without power in a single day, with some believing this number to far higher, according to  As an ABC News outlet in Texas reported,

“Thousands of Texans have shivered in homes without power for a second day…[stirring} grim memories of a deadly 2021 blackout.”

Wind chill has been severe, and ice has destroyed power lines and made repairs difficult to nearly impossible in many areas. Power outages have been widespread, and trees and power lines that were knocked down by the heavy winds and rain during the tornadoes have been hit by ice. The storms have caused traffic delays, school closures, and other disruptions. The extreme weather has caused extensive damage to homes and businesses.

Over 150,000 residents in Austin have been without any electricity for over two days, and many have no heat source despite the freezing temperatures.

As 2023 gets started, Texans can only hope that these storms are an anomaly that won’t return this year, and will be the last of their kind for a long time.

power outages in Texas need a backup generator

Univix Provides Emergency Backup Power to Texans During a Time of Crisis

Univix provides energy solutions, like their powerful solar backup generator which can provide a dependable backup power source for 24 hours or more. A powerful solar-generator created by Univix  known as “The Bank” would serve Texans well during such a time of severe power outages. 

The Bank has built in solar controllers and can run on alternative forms of power in the event that the power grid has failed or other power sources don’t exist.  No one could have foreseen the degree of damage and destruction Texans have faced during these unprecedented weather conditions, but being prepared with a backup power source like The Bank can save lives and decrease the level of suffering caused by natural disasters like the Texas tornadoes and ice storms.

Don’t Get Left in the Cold without Backup Power, Contact Univix Today

If you live in an area facing any type of severe weather conditions, don’t wait until it is too late.  Protect yourself, your family and your home and business with a reliable, powerful, backup solar-powered generator from Univix.  Univix also offers custom business solutions which can keep your business powered-up in the event of a natural disaster.  Find a dealer in your area or contact Univix directly for help to purchase the perfect backup power solution for your circumstance.   Univix is here to help!

Power outages like Texans are facing are unpredictable. Invest in a backup power source that you take anywhere that electricity is needed. Reach out to Univix today for more information about reliable, efficient, and sustainable backup energy. Call (603) 709-2176 or email

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